Real Estate


StrongWall Group is a boutique consulting firm with a history of working on high visibility projects at the nexus of the energy efficiency, real estate development, and indoor agriculture industries. We work with buildings owners and utilities to develop energy solutions that have more than just a meaningful return on investment. Our focus is to understand how energy is important to an owner, utility, customers, and tenants and propose solutions that naturally benefit everyone. We want to understand where energy sits in your portfolio and share solutions you can capitalize on.

Energy & Real Estate

If you are building a new headquarters or fitting out an existing building, StrongWall Group can help you. Our sweet spot is finding solutions that produce a return for everyone. A building owner doesn’t always have an incentive to do energy upgrades like solar or energy efficiency. But what if these upgrades could command higher rents, increasing your building value and NOI? What if you tenants wanted to use the electricity from your solar panels? Energy upgrades are asset upgrades and can be financed off balance sheet with little risk to the owner. These are the kind of solutions StrongWall Group can provide for you.


Energy is the largest controllable cost for indoor agriculture companies, and if you want to get your lettuce on shelves you need every advantage you can get. Rent and personnel are not expenses you can make a big dent in, but optimizing operations, lighting upgrades, using natural daylighting and bulk energy purchasing can get your cost per plant much lower. Contact us with help on regulatory compliance and facility upgrades. We focus on the energy so you can focus on your genotypes.

Services Provided

– Energy efficiency and renewable owner’s project management
– Utility rebate and government program financial management
– New Construction consulting including LEED, Passive House and zero energy buildings
– Development team and consultant team management
– Project financing consulting
– Permitting for new construction and renovations including stakeholder relations